FNPF widens eligibility for funds access

More people will qualify to access their funds as the Fijian Government and the Fiji National Provident Fund widen the scope of eligible applicants whilst relaxing some of their requirements to members affected by restrictions in place from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sole proprietors including taxi and mini van drivers as well as those self-employed can also access up to $1,000 of their pension funds, provided they have adequate balances in their accounts and proper documentations filed.

“For drivers, they will need to bring in completed applicable forms, a copy of the permit from owners and certification from owner that he/she is driver,” FNPF CEO Jaoji Koroi said members.

“The self employed can also be assisted. They will need to bring in completed forms, copy of their tax compliance certificate and valid business license.”

This service however will be available from next Thursday, 9th April 2020, to allow FNPF to first attend to members eligible for government top-up.

To date, only 450 out of close to 2000 employers have submitted completed forms for their workers to facilitate funds disbursement.

“FNPF is currently dealing with the announcements we made about those people needing the top-ups,” Minister for Economy and Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said.

“What we have seen that there are people who have had issues with their employers. Employers have not been very forthcoming. One of the reasons for that is some employers have been late in their contributions and are hesitant to come forward.

“FNPF will soon process those applications not withstanding the fact that these employers have been late in their payment or have some compliance issues.

“For the time being we are all focused on ensuring that their employees get their letters, get their forms filled by the employers so they can access those funds.”

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