Nabua Primary Fosters Learning and Empowerment Via Literacy and Numeracy Week

In efforts to uplift the education and prospects of Nabua Primary School students, most of whom come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, the school is marking a literacy and numeracy week that not only encourages learning but also inculcate the spark of creativity and self-expression among its young students.

During the week, which marks the final week of term two of school, students from kindergarten to eighth grade participate in a series of activities that transcend the traditional classroom setup.

Head of School Master Filipe Gonedua said this initiative has been transforming young lives for the past five years.

“We realised that some children thrive outside the conventional classroom environment, especially those who excel with their hands. The Literacy and Numeracy week is designed to enhance these talents and provide a platform for students to showcase their understanding of concepts that might be challenging to grasp solely through traditional teaching methods.”

The week’s activities are thoughtfully structured by a committee made up of teachers. On each day, different grade levels engage in hands-on activities based on their lessons and aligned with their curriculum. The week culminates in a display of models, where the students exhibit their creations – physical representations of their knowledge in science and mathematics.

One standout aspect of Nabua Primary School’s approach is peer teaching, an educational strategy that not only encourages a sense of collaboration but also bolsters students’ confidence.

Master Gonedua said, “Peer teaching is a powerful tool. It allows students to learn from each other in a supportive environment. It’s a win-win – the ones teaching gain confidence, and the ones being taught often find it easier to grasp concepts when explained by their peers.”

This approach has garnered praise and enthusiasm not only from within the school’s walls but also from the students’ families. Many parents actively participate in the week’s activities, and will be in the school today to view the models created by their children.

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