Must make serious social changes for COVID19: Apted

Fijians must unite to work together for the common good, to look ahead and deal with the fact that COVID-19 was in the country in a mature way, if the country was to get through the pandemic.

Local lawyer, former civil servant and social media influence Jon Apted said the novel coronavirus required huge societal change and required Fijians to adopt behaviour which may be against their nature.

Apted said, “We in Fiji have not been acting responsible until now. Now that its happened, everybody is running into top gear. We all could have taken this more seriously.”

He was speaking to award winning journalist, Stanley Simpson during the Monday night current affairs show; Simpson At Eight which aired 8pm Thursday March 19.

Mr Apted called on Fijians to remember that while the Lautoka flight attendant was the first confirmed case of COVID-19, he was not necessarily the only one in the country who has the novel coronavirus.

He said there was a need to practice social distance very seriously.

Watch the full show here:

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