Man Accused of Totogo Police Station Arson Attempt Remanded, Case Moved to High Court

The man accused of attempting to set fire to Totogo Police Station late last month has been remanded in custody at the Suva Remand Centre and will be monitored by personnel from St Giles Hospital.

Magistrate Krishnan Prasad has also referred Sebastian Sipeli Kavai Rakai’s case to the high court because one of the charges he was facing in connection with the incident on September 21 is considered an indictable offense – the first charge being an attempt to commit arson.

Rakai, who has a history of mental illness and is currently on medication, is facing three other charges, including two counts of damaging property and one count of criminal intimidation.

Duty Solicitor Severo Ravu requested that Rakai be remanded in the custody of St Giles, citing his condition, an upcoming review at St Giles Hospital later this month, and concerns about him not receiving his medication while in the remand center.

Magistrate Prasad told the court that St Giles does not have the capacity to remand individuals with psychiatric issues. Instead, Rakai would be remanded at the Suva Remand Centre, and St Giles Hospital would provide him with medical assistance during his time in custody.

Rakai’s case is scheduled to be heard in the high court in Suva on October 30.

It is alleged that on September 21, 2023, Rakai attempted to set fire to Totogo Police Station, damaging two phones, including a landline. Rakai is also accused of threatening four police officers with a bottle filled with benzene and a hammer.

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