Mai TV secures Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 coverage rights

Mai TV is proud to announce it has secured the rights to show the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in Fiji and will be providing coverage of all major Olympic events including Fiji’s defence of the Rugby Sevens gold medal.

Mai TV Head of Finance and Administration Tiarre Waqavakatoga said despite the difficult economic times, Mai TV strived to secure the Olympic Games coverage free to air for the people of Fiji to ensure they all could share in the inspiration and celebration of the Olympic Games. 

“The Olympic Games is a global highlight that happens every four years showcasing the best competitors of every sport in the world, sharing the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair competition and Mai TV wanted to ensure the people of Fiji get to enjoy and share in the fulfilment of these inspirational dreams,” Waqavakatoga said.

“We especially hope that young people who may be struggling during this pandemic can be inspired by what they see at the Olympic Games and learn from the stories of athletes who have worked hard and overcome many challenges to be among the best in the world.”

Securing the rights to the Olympic Games in partnership with Digicel and Sky Pacific is a milestone for Mai TV after years of rebuilding and despite the COVID-19 pandemic affecting growth and development.

“We want to thank the sponsors and partners who have supported us in securing the rights. It is not an easy decision given the tough economic environment and we thank them for their commitment.”

The Live telecast will begin with the Opening Ceremony on 23rd July and Mai TV will show over 10 hours of Live coverage a day of all the key Olympic Games events until the Closing Ceremony on 8th August.

“This will be one of the biggest events on Mai TV this year, and the channel will aim to secure more compelling content for viewers as we all strive to overcome this pandemic,” Waqavakatoga said.

“Mai TV wishes Team Fiji – all the competitors, coaches and officials representing the country at the Olympic Games the very best and want them to know we will be watching, praying and cheering for each and every one of them.” 

Mai TV is best viewed on Channel 4 of the Walesi digital platform.

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