Levuka Mortuary Temporary Site Scouted – Health Minister

Fiji’s Ministry of Health is currently identifying an alternative site for Levuka Hospital’s mortuary.

A statement in response to questions posed to the Health Minister said work was underway to identify a possible site after a fire destroyed the old one.

“The fire has since stopped the mortuary services at the hospital, and the Ministry will undertake a technical assessment of the mortuary berths once the investigations by the NFA and the Police Force have concluded”

“The Ministry has also commenced on the identification of a suitable alternative temporary site for the mortuary service.”

The statement said hospital staff are assisting relatives of the deceased with burial arrangements in the meantime.

“Levuka Hospital staff continue to engage with the public in Ovalau on the timely facilitation of the final rites for their deceased relatives.”

Concerns had been raised by residents on the island as to there being no progress on their mortuary.

“We have to rush everything, end up having to just bury them because there is no other alternative. We can’t wait for their family to come and pay respects,” Naisa Tiko, a relative of a recently deceased person, said.

In the meantime, the hospital continues to operate normally, delivering outpatient, inpatient, maternity, and dental services to the people of Ovalau.

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