Lautoka schools shut down

Students in the Lautoka school district will not go to school for the foreseeable future as part of Government’s containment measures against the spread of COVID-19.

During his address to the nation following the confirmation of Fiji’s first coronavirus case, Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said schools in Fiji’s second largest city, will close from midnight March 19 until further notice.

“The first case is identified in Lautoka, and that is where the most stringent local travel restrictions will take effect,” PM Bainimarama said.

Schools affected are from an area beginning from the King’s Road at the Nacilau junction past Matawalu village, to the feeder road at Vakabuli junction, to the Queen’s Road at Natalau junction.

Dr Aalisha Sahukhan, the head of Fiji’s Centre for Disease Control reassured the nation and said 95 per cent of those who had contracted the virus in the world have recovered or are recovering.

“So far children and teenagers are far less affected by COVID-19 than any other age group with the symptoms which are always mild,” Sahukhan said.

Meanwhile schools, workplaces, businesses, buses, inter-island shipping services and domestic air travel outside Lautoka will remain operational.

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