Fijian Elections 2022: FEO finalising voter roll

A little over 87 percent of registered voters for the 2022 General Election will be voting on election day come 14 December, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem confirms.

Less than 2 percent are registered for postal voting and about 11 percent will take to the polls on pre-poll which starts on 5 December.

 The confirmation of numbers comes after the finalization of postal voter and pre-poll numbers at 9916 and 77,907 respectively.

“My team is now in the process of finalizing the voter roll for the 2022 general election,” Mr. Saneem said. “As per the law, any person who has been approved as a postal voter will now be marked on the roll with the notation that the person is a postal voter. This person will not be able to vote at their polling station on election day.

Those who did not apply for a postal vote will have to turn up to the polling venues they were assigned to, on election day, to cast their votes.

Voters can text their voter card number to 1500 to confirm their polling venue, or for the case of postal voters, a confirmation that they will be voting via postal ballot.

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