41K-plus students to sit external exams

More than 41,000 school students will be sitting their external examinations over the next three weeks, starting with year 13s today.

Year 13s totalling 8,235 students will be attempting their English papers as they begin their test in 170 centres across the country. This will continue through 8 December.

Year 12s, numbering 14,907, will sit their exams on 1-13 December, finishing a day away from election day 2022. Similarly, year 8s who make up the biggest group at 17,880 will sit their exams between 9 December and 13 December in 717 centres.

Fiji’s Minister for Education Premila Kumar urged parents and teachers to help students during the exam period by providing them with the necessary support.

“Exams can be stressful for students at the best of times and our students have had a challenging couple of years. They need the support and encouragement from their parents, teachers, and guardians to help them focus and manage exam pressure,” she said.

“I thank all the hard-working teachers, school managers, support staff and parents, who are going out of their way to ensure that our young ones can sit for their exams,” Ms Kumar.

She also highlighted the importance of these examinations for the students since their results would have a significant impact on their future pursuits of higher education and career paths.

“The results you get in these exams will determine what scholarships you can get as well as what programmes you are eligible for. I commend our students for the resilience and dedication that they have shown so far. Please continue with that mindset and attitude and put in your best efforts for these final exams for the year,” Ms. Kumar said.

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