Fiji put on tropical cyclone alert

Fiji Weather Office has issued a Tropical Cyclone alert for the whole of Fiji as tropical depression TD05F intensifies and expected to develop into a category 1 system over the next 24 hours.

The system, located in open waters between Vanuatu and Fiji at 9am today, is expected to bring with it damaging gale force winds which will be felt across Fiji – first in the Yasawa Group and the northern division early tomorrow then the rest of Fiji, from later tomorrow.

Winds of up to 50km/hr will be felt which the Fiji Meteorological Service says are capable of destructing weak structures, cause power blackouts and disrupt communication services.

“There is also the risk of landslides, flash flooding of low lying areas and flooding of streams and rivers. Coastal flooding from high waves along coastal areas of Fiji especially over Yasawa, the Mamanuca Group, Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. Sea conditions will be too dangerous for sailing and other activities.”

“Therefore all communities living in flood-prone areas are requested to take extreme care when driving as there is a risk of poor visibility in areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms.”

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