Fiji Police to Monitor Black Markets and Drinking Spots Under New Nightclub Hours

Fiji Police will be deploying more officers this weekend in anticipation of the likely spillover of nightlife social activities as the new nightclub operating hours come into effect today.

Acting Police Commissioner Livai Driu has said that they will be increasing patrols and closely monitoring black markets, as well as well-known drinking spots, in order to curb any intentions of law-breaking.

This comes after the Fiji Parliament’s approval on July 14 to enforce the closure of nightclubs at 1 am, a change from the previous closing time of 5 am.

Driu said their main goal is to ensure a trouble-free weekend for all, discouraging the public from engaging in the “transporter” trend. This trend involves paying ‘transporters’ to buy alcohol from black markets and deliver it to buyers.

Police have also been reminding nightclub operators and security personnel to adhere to new hours.

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