Fiji PM Announces Plans To Revive Shipbuilding Industry

suva harbour

Fiji’s Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka announced plans by the coalition government to build two undercover graving docks in the West.

These docks will facilitate the construction and repair of commercial, defense, and luxury vessels up to 100 metres in length.

In a statement, Rabuka said the government is in discussions with Queensland-based Sea Transport aim to design the shipyard and supply kits for fast vessel building. The government is also considering using the “Stern Landing Vessels” design for new ships, catering to cargo vessels, emergency response, and defense needs. The government is also considering the construction of Medium Roro/passenger catamarans for coastal routes between mini ports to improve coastal transportation and reduce road repair costs.

Rabuka said the plans are aimed at revitalising the country’s shipbuilding industry, creating jobs, and promoting economic growth.

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