Fiji Elections: Postal ballot forms available, check details: FEO

Forms to apply for postal ballots, which opened yesterday, can be acquired from either any Fijian Elections Office or online via Electoral Commission Chair Mukesh Nand says following confirmation that the country’s election will be held on Wednesday 14 December 2022.

In a media briefing in Suva during which he also made reassurances about the readiness of the Fijian Elections Office “in terms of staffing and resources”, Mr Nand outlined the processes that will cease and those that come into effect in the wake of the announcement.

“Every registered Fijian who is overseas will be required to apply for a Postal Vote,” Mr Nand said.

Aside from overseas voters, eligible as well to apply for postal ballots are registered locals who will not be able to make it to their polling venue on election day, Supervisor of Election Mohammed Saneem said outlining the eligibility criteria.

“You must be a registered voter who is living outside of Fiji or will be outside of Fiji on Election Day; is unable to travel to a Polling Station due to serious illness, religious  beliefs or work commitments or; is under pre-trial detention or sentence of imprisonment,” Mr Saneem said.

“The FEO also anticipates that there would be those who will  be working in essential services, the tourism industry, aged care facilities or  any other sectors who may not be able to leave their workplaces on Election  Day. They can also apply to vote via a Postal Ballot.”

Postal voting can be applied in two ways – the first being to collect the form from any FEO office, fill out all the details and hand it in, otherwise forms can be downloaded from, filled out and uploaded on the same  platform with a copy of the applicant’s voter card.

Mr Saneem said it was also important that applicants apply via the prepared forms, and ensure their details are correct so as to avoid any delays in receiving their postal packages.

“We will not be entertaining any letters, or requests, or any  forms that are not approved by the Electoral Commission. Before sending in the Postal Voting Application Form, voters must ensure that  they have filled out all the required details correctly to avoid any delays in  receiving their postal packages.

“If you are… overseas, you may apply for Postal Voting using either the Blue or Green VoterCard. Both VoterCards are acceptable. The  Postal Voting Application Form requires your name as is on the VoterCard and  your VoterCard number.  

“Please ensure that your Form is witnessed by the correct  authority and that you provide us with the latest and most current address for  delivery of the Postal Voting Package by either DHL (for those based overseas) or EMS (for locals).” 

Postal Voting applications will close at 5pm on 23 November 2022.

On the day the Writ for the 2022 General Election is issued, the Fijian Elections Office will complete voter registration. The FEO is also on track in terms of staffing and resources. 

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