Fiji Elections: Polling venue messaging platform locator opens

Registered voters have an additional means other than their updated blue voter card to locate their polling venue, by way of a messaging platform that opened today accessible via the Digicel and Vodafone mobile networks in Fiji, free of charge.

Voters need only to text their voter card number to 1500, Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said.

“If you are not sure where that polling venue is, you can simply go to and use the polling venue locator application of the FEO to find you polling venue on the map. It will also be able to give you directions to get to your polling venue. This service will be available right up until 6pm on election day.”

The messaging platform is beneficial for all registered voters especially the 90,290 voters still holding on to the green coloured cards which do not carry their polling venue as it shown in the latest blue coloured cards.

A similar platform used in the 2014 election was accessed 100,000 on election day alone. In 2018, the system recorded 593,458 users – 43,483 via the Digicel network and 549,975 via Vodafone.

Meanwhile, as of 2 October 2022, a total of 691,824 voters are registered to vote in the forthcoming election. The oldest voter is a 108-year-old male residing in Nabukavesi, Navua.

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