Fiji Elections: Nearly 9 percent increase in registered voters

Fiji’s voter registration list increased by nearly 8,000 in four months between June end and October end, with the final voter numbers for the 2022 General Election standing at 693,915.

As of 31 October 2022 when the writ for the election was issued, the total number of voters registered equates to nearly 9 percent more than the number of registered voters in the country’s previous election four years ago.

As with the trend in the 2018 election, more males are registered for this election, at a little over 51 percent as opposed to females who make up 49.8 percent of people registered.

In terms of registration across the division, the majority of the voters reside in the Central Division at 297,649, followed by the Western division with 260,801, then those in the North, 99,658, and in the East, 26,359 with 9,448 registered overseas.

A little over 50 percent of those registered to vote in the 2022 General Election are under 40 years of age.

The Fijian Elections Office also confirmed that 1,468 polling venues will be used during elections – of which 613 will be opened during pre-poll and 855 on election day on 14 December.

Prepoll is scheduled for 5-9 December.

Photo: File

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