Fiji Elections: Fiji Labour Party rules out coalition with FijiFirst

Fiji Labour Party Vice President Monica Raghwan says they are open to forming a coalition with all parties except the governing FijiFirst party.

A seasoned politician, Ms Raghwan who is also contesting the 2022 polls says there is some understanding with other political parties about who they will work with.

“I do not think anyone will be working with FijiFirst. Everyone is asking for a change,” she said when asked if the FLP would be open to partnering up with other parties once they make the minimum 5% threshold for a seat in parliament, an outcome she is confident her party would achieve. FLP also contested the 2014 and 2018 elections but was unsuccessful in their bid.

“I believe we will be able to at least make the minimum requirements or the minimum 5% threshold, I definitely believe that, and if we get the support of the nation at large, we should be able to get in more people in,” Ms Raghwan said.

In the meantime, the party has been active in its campaign rallies, including in Vanua Levu, which they are expected to step up following the release of their manifesto which is scheduled for 11 am at Wesley Church in Suva this Thursday, 17 November.

Meanwhile, of their 42 approved candidates, nine are women.

Earlier today, the FLP submitted three additional names as provisional candidates including former Lautoka mayor Rohit Kumar.

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