Fiji Elections: 272 candidates and counting for 2022 Election

The Fijian Elections Office has approved 272 candidates for the 2022 General Election after having vetted more applications including those submitted by the Fiji Labour Party, FijiFirst, People’s Alliance, All People’s Party, and SODELPA. READ MORE

The 272 approved candidates include 42 out of FLP’s 44 applications, all five of the New Generation Party’s, 54 of the National Federation’s 55 applications, all FijiFirst’s 55 candidates, 52 of People’s Alliance 55, 13 of All People’s Party 14, as well as 49 of SODELPA’s 53 and two independent candidates.

Of the applications pending, only NFP has had one rejected, while the others are awaiting further verification with some of the parties asked to provide further information for some of their candidates.

“We have not rejected nominations but rather we have asked for further information from the party headquarters in relation to various verification that we have done and information that we have received. So once that information is received, we will be able to finalize the nominations of candidates,” Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said.

“And for the parties who have already been informed where there have been candidates that have been rejected. Those parties, of course, are looking to bring in replacements. But I can assure you that there are parties who are still trying to get more information from their candidates so that they can fulfill the requirements of the act.”

We Unite Fiji’s 17 applications that were submitted yesterday are still being processed.

Unity Fiji is expected to submit its list today.

Nominations close at midday today.

Note: Please this article has been edited. In the initial article, we had stated that 282 candidates were approved, when it should read 272. FLP also fielded only 44 candidates, and not 54 as stated earlier

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