Fiji Elections 2022: SODELPA to sway formation

Fiji’s main opposition party in the previous parliament, SODELPA, met with both parties last night and will be reporting to its working committee this morning on the direction the party will take.

Several party sources say the party is leaning towards Fiji First as they have serious trust issues with PAP and were not impressed with PAP’s presentation last night.

Based on FEO’s 6 am results, SODELPA with three seats hold the balance of power in view of FijiFirst’s 26 seats equating to the combined seats of coalition partners, PA and NFP.

With results of 22 polling stations left to be entered, the total votes cast as of 9.30am stands at 469,611:

FijiFirst (200,063), PA (167,929), NFP (41,816), SODELPA (24,191), Unity Fiji (13,035), FLP (12,655), We Unite Fiji Party (6049, All Peoples Party (2620), New Generation (975), Rajendra Sharma (198) and Ravinesh Reddy (80).

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