Fiji Elections 2022: People’s Alliance reports FijiFirst to Police

Fiji’s People’s Alliance party (PA) today lodged a police report against the General Secretary of the FijiFirst Party Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum for comments he made this week that appeared to link PA Leader Sitiveni Rabuka to incidents of violent activities Fiji Police said were reported to them.

“Where is the evidence,” Professor Biman questioned authorities via a press conference in Suva today which was also attended by Mr Rabuka who told media personnel that: “The attack was a personal attack on me, verbal attack and I intend to follow whatever legal recourse I have to exercise my right as a citizen of this country.”

PA General Secretary & Registered Officer Sakiasi Ditoka filed the report against Mr Sayed-Khaiyum at the Totogo Police Station in Suva’s CBD for “inciting racial hatred and violence in view of his public statements” where he linked recent reports of violent incidents to the “divisive nature” of PA Leader and Prime Minister-elect and PA Leader Sitiveni Rabuka.

“I ask the police to investigate Aiyaz as the General Secretary for the Fiji First Party for inciting communal antagonism contrary to sections 65(2)(a)(i) and 53(1) of the Crimes Act2009,” Ditoka said in his complaint to police.

“Further, I am of the view that Aiyaz also committed sedition contrary to section 67(1)(c) read with sections 45 and 51 of the Crimes Act. Our Party Leader, Rabuka did not encourage division, in fact, the people are relieved and thankful that change can be affected and is now imminent. The party has never orchestrated or directed any violence or division. All we have been pleading for to the people is calm, restraint and respect.”

This is but one of the many significant developments that happened today during which Fiji Police called for military assistance “with the maintenance of security and stability” following reports of threats they said were “made against minority groups who are ​now ​living in fear following recent political developments”.

This prompted mixed call-outs on social media – one condemning the acts whilst the other disputing that such events were occurring and showing footage of events including birthdays and people going about their shopping today, insisting that there was no need for military involvement.

Questions were sent to Fiji Police, who have yet to respond, requesting further clarification on the military’s involvement as well as calls from Mr Rabuka and National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad for proof of their involvement in violent incidents including stoning cases police said had been reported to them recently.

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