Fiji Elections 2022: Former MaiTV Journalist is MP

Former MaiTV Journalist Aliki Bia, today was sworn in as a member of parliament, marking a new chapter for Blackbirding descendants in Fiji.

A journalist by profession, boasting more than 10 years in the media sector, Mr Bia opens a new chapter for a community who have been integral in shaping Fiji.

“I walked into a pathway of history, as I sit in the parliamentary room I couldn’t hold back my tears thinking of the struggles my forefathers had to endure during the blackbirding era in Fiji,” Bia shared in a social media post.

“Fast forward to today, I stand proud to be the first ever Solomon and Vanuatu descendant to ever sworn in as a member of parliament in Fiji. I wouldn’t have done this without the generosity and love of the various vanua and the 14 provinces for accepting us to be your own sons and daughters of Fiji.”

“To all the Melanesian communities around Fiji, thank you for your support and love, I will be forever indebted to all of you. I’m more than ready to fight for you even if take to risk of my life. To my forever Newtown Community, I hold you dear to my heart, you are the reason I fight, you molded me and inspire me.”

He also credited the local media fraternity, the heads of various newsrooms in Fiji as well as his QVSOB family, vowing to do right by Fijians.

“Ready to serve you,” Mr Bia said

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