Fiji Elections 2022: Briefing for observers

Fiji’s Supervisor of Elections (SoE) this morning conducted a briefing for the 97 election observers for the 2022 General Election at the Holiday Inn in Suva.

With only a day left for the election, the SoE took the observers through a comprehensive presentation on the elections process as well as the preparational activities of the Fijian Elections Office [‘FEO’] leading up to the issue of Writ in late October.

“The observers will be deployed from tomorrow to various parts of the country where they will be observing electoral processes on the day of polling,” Mr Mohammed Saneem said.

“It was appropriate that we introduce the observers to the Fijian election so that they have contextual knowledge, cultural familiarity and understanding of election processes as well as the efforts undertaken in the preparational stages that will now culminate on Election Day as Polling Stations open and voters come in to cast their ballot.

“It was also an opportune time to provide critical information on voting and counting as well as the dissemination of election results.”

The FEO has accredited 97 observers for this election from 16 countries including two (2) regional organisations.

Source: FEO

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