Fiji 2022 Polls: Budget ‘goodies’ will not be enough: Narube

Unity Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube insists that the ‘election goodies’ that the ruling FijiFirst government will announce in the forthcoming budget will not be enough.

Describing the 2022/2023 budget to be announced on 15 July as the governing party’s ‘main weapon’, Narube said it would not be enough to win back voters ahead of Fiji’s 2022 elections.

“People have simply had enough…as we have heard in our campaign, people will use that, but we ‘will vote for somebody else’,” he said.

“Wherever we have spoken around the whole country of Fiji whether it is to an indigenous community or whether it is in the Fijian community the consensus is loud and clear, they want a new government.

“They want change. People have lost trust in this government.”

Nearly two months have passed since the 2022 election campaign period started, but no date has been set yet for the country’s polls.

Under the 2013 Constitution determining the date for the election, which is likely to happen on a Wednesday before 10 January 2023, is the prerogative of the Prime Minister.  

Meanwhile, earlier today Unity Fiji announced 32 of its 55 provisional candidates, including Narube, becoming the third party to announce sime of its reps to run in the 2022 polls, following on SODELPA and The People’s Alliance.

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