Farmer, 30, Taken In Over Rape of Woman, 75, In Victim’s Home

A 30-year-old farmer who allegedly raped a 75-year-old woman in her home will appear before the Nausori Magistrates Court today.

The incident occurred sometime between September 12-13 and was reported by the turaga ni koro on September 16.

The victim was alone at home when she heard a noise coming from her kitchen. Upon checking she saw the accused whom she knew, and told him to leave some food for her grandson and went back to sleep.
Later in the night, the accused went into the victim’s bedroom where he allegedly committed the offence.
The victim relayed the matter to a relative, and it was referred to Vunidawa Police by the Turaga ni koro.

On September 22, two officers attempted to arrest the accused. During the arrest, the accused allegedly resisted, tearing one officer’s uniform and assaulting the other. Eventually, the accused was subdued, arrested, and placed into police custody.

He has been charged with one count of rape, three counts of serious assault, and one count of damaging property.

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