Every step counts: Kami lauds BSP Life on 50mil-step WOWS drive

Every step that you take in the fundraiser, know that it will allow our children to take one step from their homes to the hospital, Sina Kami, WOWS Kids Fiji founder told BSP Life during the launch of the insurance company’s 50 million steps fundraiser in Suva today.

Via the initiative, the staff of the health and life insurance company pledged to walk 50 million steps in 60 days to raise funds for the WOWS Foundation.

BSP Life General Manager Legal, Risk & Compliance Emily King said the challenge is in line with their purpose of making a difference in people’s lives.

“The 50m Steps was chosen, so that the, BSP Life team, stretch physically, to endure, to push on, to commit and to be determined – so that the learnings we get from this Challenge assist us to some extent always remember the strength needed by the children who battle cancer and the endurance and determination that their families need to care for the children,” Ms. King said.

As part of the challenge, the BSP Life team will also receive awareness sessions from WOWS to detect symptoms of childhood cancer, and what signs should we look out for.

“We all know that early detection plays a critical role in saving lives, and we aim to use this knowledge wherever we are – with family, with friends and associates, to highlight the symptoms, and in this way make a difference in people’s lives.”

Funds raised will help cover costs, including medication and transportation, arising from the treatment of 72 kids across Fiji who are assisted by the foundation.

Fighting back tears, Ms Kami said the funds raised would go a long way in making a difference in the lives of the children supported through the foundation, an experience that was a far cry from the events that transpired years ago when they had to look hard and dig deep to raise funds needed to cover her late daughter, Tae’s medical bills after she was diagnosed with cancer.

The launch of the challenge comes a little over 14 years since Tae Kami died on 16 August 2008.

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