Even If he’s dead, I just want him found to give him a proper burial: Father of 7-year-old missing Taveuni boy

Day four of his son’s disappearance and Shyam Murti cried openly as he relayed the story at their home in Qila, Taveuni today.

Chirag Murti who is a twin, went missing from his family home last Friday.

His mother Nargis had fed them lunch and left to play in the compound while she went to get coconut fronds to make a broom.

“When she got back she noticed that Chirag was missing. She went to her Uncle and asked him to call me in town to ask if I had taken him with me.”

Shyam was at Naqara shopping at the time. 

“We got in touch with the police and they searched since Saturday morning because it was late.”

The father of three says that he is hoping for the best.

“Please I ask for support. My son is missing¬† and I just want him found.”

“He is just a small child,” Shyam cried.

Photo: Lusi-Banuve Leqa

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