Employers Urged to Look After Workers

Fiji’s Minister for Employment Agni Deo Singh urged employers to look after their workers.

Singh was responding to a complaint, raised during a recent discussion in Suva, that some attachees did not show any commitment and discipline towards their work.

“Look after your team and your team will look after you. It’s not always about the money,” Singh said whilst addressing employers who had gathered at the meeting organised by the Fiji National University and the Tertiary Scholarship Loan Scheme at Garden City.

The meeting enabled employers to ask questions to both institutions regarding graduates bond arrangement, their wage rate and address issues surrounding the attachees who carry out their term in these companies.

Singh said: “If someone is playing up, if they’re frequently late, or production is what you expect then something is wrong. That is where you come in, you walk alongside them and try to see what is the cause of their problem.

“We are all human. Find out what it is, work with them to see if you can sort it out then go from there,” Singh said.

Employers that attended the meeting included Asco Motors, Tropik Wood Industries, Fiji Revenue & Customs amongst others.

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