Drua Target Discipline For Force Showdown

Discipline is an area that the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua Head Coach Mick Byrne wants an improvement on this week when the side takes on the Western Force in Lautoka.

Byrne says ill discipline in the second half of the game against NSW Waratahs cost them a lot.

“One of the big things that came out from that game on Saturday was our discipline. We need to really improve on that area so that has been our focus at training this week,” Byrne said.

“There has to be consequences for the little errors that can be avoided. The team pays the consequences during the Saturday so we just got to get used to there being a consequence when we give away avoidable penalties.”

Byrne said training has been at full strength this week.

“Everyone is at training, just like every week and everyone has been giving their full attention.”

The side take on the visitors at 1.05pm while the Rooster Chicken Fijian Drua women face Western Force later at 3.35pm.

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