Delete attack footage of victim: Fiji Medical

The Fiji Medical Association (FMA) has condemned the circulation of footage of the attack of a woman at a restaurant in Nadi and operative photos of the same woman as she was attended to in a hospital, calling on the Ministry of Health to investigate the matter and take actions accordingly.

In a strongly-worded statement, the FMA demanded that sharing of the footage and images on social media is stopped, calling on everyone who received it to delete it, saying that “a fellow human being that has been brutalised is not entertainment.”

FMA President Dr Basharat Munshi said the circulation of the operative photos is a breach of patient confidentiality, urging the Ministry of Health to find out “how these pictures were taken and shared” and take appropriate disciplinary measures.

A civilized society is a compassionate society where we do not condone any acts of violence. If you have received this video and/or photos, delete it now and inform whoever sent it, to delete it as well.

Fiji Medical Association

The FMA said it does not condone all forms of violence and portrayal of violence through media.

The woman, aged 54, was attacked by her 58-year-old husband at her workplace last Saturday. The woman’s husband has since been charged with one count of attempted murder. He has been remanded in custody, awaiting his next appearance at the Lautoka High Court on 31 May.

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