COVID19 Fiji: Fiji records 3 COVID-19 deaths

Three men with pre-existing medical conditions died in their respective homes from COVID including a 47-year-old who had received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The deceased who was fully vaccinated and had received his first booster dose was the lone reported death in the Central division on 27 July. The second reported death was recorded in the Western division, on the same day as well, involving a 53-year-old who was not fully vaccinated, having only received a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The third reported death, also in the Western division was of a 73-year-old who died four days prior, on 23 July. He was unvaccinated.

Fiji’s COVID-19 death tally now stands at 873 since the outbreak started in March 2020. Over the same period, 967 COVID-19-positive patients also reportedly died for reasons other than coronavirus, after nine more people reportedly died of similar circumstances over the last four days.

COVID-19 Cases

Meanwhile, Fiji’s COVID-case numbers have risen to 67,673 after 119 new cases were recorded in the last four days – 53 on 29 July, 14 on 30 July, one on, 31 July and 51 cases in the 24 hours ending at 8am yesterday morning.

Of the 119 new cases , 40 cases were reported in the Central division, 69 cases in the Western division, and 10 cases in the Northern division.

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