1987 events will not decide election outcome, people will: Rabuka

People’s Alliance party leader Sitiveni Rabuka says events and memories of the 1987 coup will play a minor role in determining the outcome of Fiji’s forthcoming 2022 General Elections.

Speaking to ABC Radio Australia, Rabuka says the people of Fiji want a change for a better future.

Since proclaiming his intentions to form his own political party, the former Prime Minister and Military Commander of Fiji has constantly been reminded about his involvement in the 1987 coup and on numerous occasions apologised including in public.

“I think it’s been long enough since 1987, that will play a very minor role in the determination of the results of this election. Everybody has a past and everybody has a right to work towards a better future and I would like to be part of the workforce that creates a better future for Fiji and the region,” Rabuka said.

When asked if the days of the military coup is behind Fiji, Rabuka said: “I believe so, I believe the generation of these military leaders in Fiji have been there short enough to forget the evils of 1987 and long enough to know there is a brighter future for Fiji without military intervention, it would be incongruous for us to be sending peacekeepers when we cannot keep the peace at home.”

Rabuka says if people want a change in government, the onus is on them because it’s the people who will vote for whom they wish to be in power.

“Well I’m not the man to bring them the change, they bring up the change, I’m the one to tell them you need a change, this is why we need a change, it’s up to them so let’s go do it.”

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