COVID-19 in Fiji: Police monitor movement at Nabouwalu borders

Police have set up roadblocks on either side of the Nabouwalu containment zone as the 14-day lockdown came into effect at midnight and the Ministry of Health has organised alternative venues, including a field hospital, for people living outside the zone to access healthcare services.

At Namau every vehicle travelling in from Labasa was stopped to be disinfected before proceeding into Nabouwalu. The same was done for vehicles coming out to Labasa.

The 14-day lockdown promptly prevented those living in the immediate areas around the containment zone from access to Nabouwalu Hospital and have been referred to the Lekutu Government Station, Bua Nursing Station and a field hospital at the Immaculate Conception College in Solevu to take their sick to.

Nabouwalu Hospital has been reserved to cater for emergency cases only.

However while on lockdown, some members of the public will be allowed to use the Post Office services and the shops in Nabouwalu.

The containment area extends from Raralevu-i-Cake to Wainisevu and along the coast of Nabouwalu Village, may be extended, depending on contact tracing findings and tests.

Photo Caption: Police roadblock at Wainisevu, just outside of Nabouwalu. Courtesy of: Lusi Banuve-Leqa

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