COVID-19 in Fiji: Authorities impose 14-day lockdown in Nabouwalu

Fijian health officials have imposed a 14-day lockdown in Nabouwalu, Vanua Levu, from midnight tonight (Monday, 16 August), to allow for contact tracing and containment of potential community transmission, if any, emanating from a wharf worker who tested positive on the weekend.

The containment area will extend from Raralevu-i-Cake to Wainisevu and along the coast of Nabouwalu Village.

“The two checkpoints maintained in the containment will be checkpoint one opposite the Nabouwalu market controlling movement into the main road that runs into the containment area and checkpoint two at Raralevu-I-cake past Nabouwalu village towards Wainunu,” PS Health Dr James Fong said in an update tonight.

In the meantime, all 103 contacts – 33 primary and 70 secondary – of the Nabouwalu wharf worker have tested negative for COVID-19 and remain in quarantine.

Once boundaries are established, the ministry plans to roll out a vaccination program in target areas to boost jab coverage.

Movement into and out of the containment area will be restricted to facilitate essential service provision and access to groceries and post office services. The office of the Provincial Administrator and Subdivisional Medical Teams have been carrying out community awareness on other specific movement restriction protocols and will continue this awareness exercise throughout the day tomorrow. 

For health services, the Northern health team is setting up clinic sites at the Solevu Immaculate Conception Junior Secondary School, the Bua Nursing Station, and the Lekutu Health Centre to cater for the health needs of those living outside the containment area. Nabouwalu hospital will be used by the health teams for emergency care only.”

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