COVID-19 Fiji: Infant and 15-year-old among 11 new deaths

A 4-month-old baby and a 15-year-old boy were among 11 new COVID-19 deaths recorded between 13 January and 23 January.

Fiji’s Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Dr James Fong said both had pre-existing conditions from birth which contributed to the severity of their sickness and deaths.

Their deaths, as with the the death of a 21-year-old last week, the ministry said, are sad reminders that, as cases increase to very high numbers in the community, the most vulnerable are at higher risk of being infected and suffering from severe disease.

“We know that severe disease is rare in children, but this risk increases should they have significant underlying health conditions,” Dr Fong said.

He adds that such cases can be avoided if people adhere to the Vaccine Plus Approach which requires that everyone upholds COVID-safe measures including masking, physical distancing and washing of hands, as well as adhering to COVID-19 suppression protocols including social gathering restrictions.

Details of Death

  • 4-month old infant, Western division
    • Was seen at a remote nursing station on 13 January 2022 in a severely weakened state. He was medically assessed and stabilized by the attending medical staff and a COVID test was done which was noted to be positive.
    • He died before he could be transferred to Lautoka Hospital, despite the resuscitation efforts of the attending medical staff.
    • Records show that the infant had been born with medical complications and was lost to follow-up. He was not eligible for vaccination.
  • 15 January 2022
    • 71-year-old female, Eastern division
    • Died at home. Unvaccinated
  • 16 January 2022
    • 50-year-old male, Eastern division
    • Partially vaccinated
  • 19 January 2022
    • 15-year-old male, Central division
    • Admitted to CWM on 17 January. Had significant pre-existing medical condition which contributed to the worsening of his COVID-19 complications
    • Unvaccinated

20 January 2022

  • 83-year-old female, Central division
    • Died at home. Fully vaccinated
  • 75-year-old female, Central division
    • Had pre-existing medical condition. Died on arrival at Nakasi Health Centre
    • Fully vaccinated
  • 67-year-old male, Central division
    • Had pre-existing medical condition. Died at home. Unvaccinated
  • 74-year-old female, Western division
    • Had pre-existing medical condition. Died on arrival at Lautoka Hospital
    • Fully vaccinated

21 January 2022

  • 54-year-old female, Central division
    • Died at home.
    • Unvaccinated

22 January 2022

  • 64-year-old male, Western division
  • Died on arrival at Lautoka Hospital.
  • Had pre-existing medical conditions. Unvaccinated

23 January 2022

  • 80-year-old female, Northern division
  • Died on arrival at Labasa Hospital
  • Unvaccinated
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