COVID-19 Fiji: Health mindful of the increase in cases in NSW

Fiji’s Ministry of Health is aware of the increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths in Australia, where the majority of tourists to the country hail from, in particular New South Wales which is reportedly on the cusp of another wave of coronavirus infections.

In seven days to 4 pm Thursday 27 October, the state reported 10,050 new cases of COVID-19 and 16 deaths, a week on the numbers stood at 12,450 new cases and 24 deaths and in the past week as of 4 pm Thursday 10 November, the number of new cases went up to 19,800 and 22 deaths.

NSW Health Authorities have been on the case in recent weeks, cautioning people to adhere to messages and advice that were meted out during the height of COVID-19 in the country including masking up should they feel, making sure they are up to date with their vaccine and take a COVID-19 test as well as alienate themselves should they test positive until they are cleared, out of care and consideration for others, in particular, the vulnerable groups including the elderly.

Fiji’s Permanent Secretary of Health Dr. James Fong said they are aware thus the decision to remain vigilant with hospital visitation restrictions, especially in critical areas.

“We continue to test hospital admissions and to plan our response around positivity rate around hospital admissions. Currently, positivity rates in hospital admissions remain very low,” Dr Fong said.

In terms of keeping a tab on infections in the community, Dr Fong said they have recompiled and strengthened testing of hotel workers and airport staff as an indicator of community spread.

In their latest update, the ministry recorded 17 new cases between 3 and 10 November, up from six reported the week earlier.

Meanwhile, Bureau of Stats data shows that in September this year 53.6% of visitors to Fiji were from Australia.

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