Cikamatana honoured with Australian Sports Medal

Former Fiji weightlifter Eileen Cikamatana was among Australian athletes honoured for their successful Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games during which Australia topped the overall medal table.

Australia topped the medal with 178 medals comprising 54 bronze, 57 silver and 67 gold medals, one of which was won by Cikamatana in weightlifting.

Cikamatana not only won Australia’s first weightlifting gold at the Birmingham Games with lifts in the 87kg category but also reportedly became the first woman to win Commonwealth Games gold for two countries, having won gold for Fiji in the 90kg category on the Gold Coast in 2018.

She was among more than 450 members nominated by Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) to receive the Australian Sports Medal (ASM), receiving hers this week alongside other Victoria-based athletes.

According to the CGA similar ceremonies for Queensland and New South Wales-based team members will be held later this month.

Photo: CGA

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