COVID-19 Fiji: 205 new cases including 29 on Kadavu and one in the North

Fiji’s Ministry of Health announced 205 new cases, of which 29 were recorded in the eastern division – all on Kadavu – one in the northern division – at the Malau quarantine facility – involving a repatriate from Suva, 95 in the western division, and 80 in the central division.

After having accounted for 151 new recoveries, the new cases bring to 164 the number of active cases in Kadavu, five in the North (including one in Nabouwalu, three in Labasa), 9,637 in the western division, and 9,505 in the central division.

Response in Kadavu

In Kadavu, all of the positive individuals have been isolated, and response in the island has been boosted with personnel deployment including police officers from Viti Levu.

A team of 55-member team including medical personnel, military officers and government officials including staff of the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management left for Kadavu yesterday morning to assist with containment efforts on the island and offer treatment for those who develop severe disease.

Status Quo and Response in the Yasawas and Mamanucas

There remain 23 active cases on Malolo Island with investigations and further contact tracing and testing continue. A public health team is on the island to map out a plan to contain the virus and also identify community members who are most at risk of severe disease.

All operations at Vunabaka have ceased as part of measures to ensure health resources are allocated efficiently.

For Somosomo Village in Naviti, health authorities expect the impact to be more severe.

“Over the weekend we will be deploying a team to Naviti to develop a plan to increase our capacity to provide critical care to patients, as well as put in place protective measures for those most vulnerable.”

We are currently reviewing and reconciling our active case database with recoveries and as a result we expect the recovery numbers to increase in the coming weeks.There have been 45,303 cases during the outbreak that started in April 2021. We have recorded a total of 45,373 cases in Fiji since the first case was reported in March 2020, with 25,289 recoveries.

Status Quo and Response in Vanua Levu

At the Malau Quarantine facility in Labasa, the repatriate tested positive while undergoing the mandatory 14-day quarantine required as per the domestic repatriation arrangement.

Contacts of the Nabouwalu index case (what worker) continue to return negative tests in quarantine on day 12 of the Nabouwalu lockdown.

Likewise, outcomes of the 62 primary contacts of the three cases at Namara Tiri settlement in Labasa returning negative results.

However, there are ongoing investigations to verify the final number of contacts.

Screening teams have swept the containment zone and collected 84 total swabs. Screening and swabbing are also being conducted at vaccination sites and all health stations in the Labasa area.

Dr Fong said measures put in place in the greater Labasa Town area will remain to allow for further screening and containment efforts as well as allow vaccination teams to reach eligible adults particulary those most at risk of severe disease.

“We are also strengthening our network of Northern screening clinics and encourage anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms to visit one immediately.

“We request that if people have these symptoms they do not go to their normal health centre as this puts others individuals at risk of the virus.”

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