COVID-19 Fiji: 15 new coronavirus cases since last Friday

Fiji recorded 15 new coronavirus cases since last Friday, bringing total COVID-19 cases reported for the second wave, as of 8am yesterday, to 52,398.

Of the 15, seven were recorded on Saturday 20 November, and eight in the 24 hours ending at 8am Monday, 22 November.

The Ministry of Health did not say where the new cases have been reported, only providing overall stats with the majority of cases have been reported in the central division, 28 per cent in the western division and one per cent each in the eastern and northern divisions.

During the reporting period, no COVID-19 death – whether dying from COVID-19 or with COVID-19 – was recorded.

Deaths from COVID-19 numbers remain at 695 with 693 happening during the second wave that started in April this year, whilst 598 people have died with COVID-19, their deaths having been attributed to pre-existing medical conditions.

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