Relocation for Seventeen Climate Change Affected Fijian Communities

Seventeen out of more than 40 communities affected by climate change, among them Nabavatu Village in Macuata, have been earmarked for relocation.

The Ministry of Environment said: “These communities are being considered and evaluated by the taskforce, but their ranking to ascertain which will be supported next by the taskforce either through state-funding from the CROC trust fund (or non-state actors willing to help complement the work of government such as FCOSS did with Cogea) will be determined by the Comprehensive Risk Vulnerability Assessment Methodology of the SOP.

“Essentially, the community meeting the most urgent risk threshold, will be supported next after Nabavatu and Cogea who are currently ranked 1 and 2 on this list.”

In its deliberations last week, Fiji cabinet approved the relocation of Nabavatu to Nadoiviri. Nabavatu was deemed unsafe following the damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Ana in 2021 including a landslide that halved houses and buried dwellings along with farms and rivers.

The other 16 communities to be relocated are:

Central Division: Lobau (Namosi), Wailotua 1 and Wailotua 2 in Tailevu, Vuniniudrovu and Saumakia in Naitasiri and Soliyaga in Beqa.

Eastern Division: Lekanai village (Gau), Nabuna village (Koro) and Muani Village in Kadavu.

Western Division: Nawaqarua Village (Ba), Nabuna Village (Tavua), Vanuakula Settlement (Tavua), Nadogoloa and Narata Village (Nadroga).

Northern Division: Cogea Village (Bua), Nakanacagi Village (Macuata) and Dawara Village in Cakaudrove.

Opening Parliament this week, President Wiliame Katonivere said this was a priority.

“Government is mindful of the need to relocate an additional 44 communities affected by climate change around the country.

Processes are in place in the preparation of a robust Policy Framework to support the existing SOP for Planned Relocations. Lessons learnt from previous experience will be the basis of the Policy Framework.”

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