Cabinet Approves Relocation of Nabavatu Villagers Affected by TC Ana

Villagers of Nabavatu in Macuata can breathe a sigh of relief after the Government has finally approved their relocation to Nadoiviri, a site close to Nabavatu in 8 and a half months.

At a Cabinet meeting today, the Coalition government approved the relocation after several factors regarding land survey and geotechnical work have been carried out.

After TC Ana in 2021, portions of the village were buried in a major landslide which saw houses halved in two, dwellings buried along with farms and rivers.

Villagers were relocated to a nearby land and have been living in tents and make-shift homes while waiting on word from the Government.

“The village in its present condition is considered not safe for future habitation, as there remains the risk of a reoccurring geohazard event in the future. The relocation site comprises 16.88 hectares or 41.71 acres, and is located about 800 metres southwest of the current Nabavatu village site.”

“The selection of the site was made after a series of consultations among key stakeholders particularly the Government and members of the Nabavatu community. Geotechnical and Topography Surveys were carried out to ensure the new site is suitable and safe for the construction of new homes for the people of Nabavatu.”

The relocation project will take place in four phases which will include the release of funds and purchase of materials for the relocation which will take up to 8 and a half months to complete.

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