Civil Service Launches Internship and Graduate Trainee Framework

Fiji’s Ministry of Civil Service today introduced a framework that aims to provide students and graduates with opportunities to start their careers in the civil service.

An initiative of the Ministry of Civil Service, which did not specify the program start date, the Internship and Graduate Trainee Programme Framework not only provides a fast-track career path for aspiring professionals but also addresses workforce retention issues in the public service.

Interns will work part-time (20 hours per week, while Graduate Trainees will work full-time (74 hours per fortnight) within ministries and departments for a non-extendable period of up to 12 months. Their performance will be assessed quarterly, and they will have opportunities for formal training, mentoring, and participation in relevant workshops with successful participants becoming eligible for relevant positions that open up within the civil service.

The ministry said that the framework will be reviewed periodically to ensure effectiveness.

Permanent Secretary for Civil Service Parmesh Chand said such a framework is vital in building a diverse and capable workforce to meet Fiji’s evolving needs, reflecting the government’s commitment to nurturing talent and enhancing public service excellence.

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