Bua students commit to online learning

Trekking through rugged terrain to get to a hilltop where there is internet connectivity is exhausting but year 12 and 13 students of Namuavoivoi village in Bua do it ungrudgingly every morning to attend their online classes.

The students who attend Dreketi Central College have been walking up to the pine hills surrounding their village to be able to attend the virtual classes.
School Principal Emosi Koli said the students were eager to learn and this helped their work as teachers.

“We have had issues but once we ironed it out it’s been running well.”

Students had access to small laptops, smartphones which have been supplied by their families.

Donu said they were still trying to set up a similar arrangement in another remote village.

“Hopefully we can do this same thing in Nasigasiga village where some of our students are residing.

“We ¬†have to keep encouraging our students to participate and so I thank the parents of these students for being here to support the students.”

Parents spokesman Inosi Salababa said there were so many risks involved which included safety.

“I am so encouraged to see parents and guardians supporting the children by coming up also to see them.”

The students are at this outdoor classroom every day for two hours and have revision work on Fridays.

Photos: Lusi Banuve-Leqa

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