Arrests Made in String of Taxi Driver Robberies in Lautoka: Suspects in Custody

Four people, one of whom is a juvenile, are currently in custody at Lautoka Police Station for their alleged involvement in a series of robberies against taxi drivers.

The group comprises a 23-year-old laborer, along with three unemployed males aged 26, 21, and 17, all from Delaitomuka, Lautoka.

These alleged crimes include an incident on the first of this month when they reportedly assaulted a taxi driver on Covuli Street, Lautoka, stealing his phone and driving away in his taxi. Both the stolen taxi and phone were later recovered.

On the fourth of this month, the group hired a taxi in Lautoka City and traveled to Natabua Seaside, where they allegedly robbed a 40-year-old taxi driver of $500 in cash, as well as his phone, before fleeing in his taxi. The abandoned taxi was later located, and the driver’s phone was also retrieved.

Then, on the seventh of this month, they targeted a 31-year-old taxi driver in Naikabula, Lautoka, stealing his Apple iPhone and driving away in his taxi, which was later abandoned. The stolen iPhone was subsequently recovered.

While charges have not yet been officially filed, it is expected that legal action will be initiated.

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