Arrest foils home invasion: Fiji Police

Four known offenders armed with pinch bars, kitchen knife and steel rod were arrested in Nausori this morning, preventing what Fijian authorities say if they had not intervened would have escalated to a home invasion.

The four, Fiji Police say allegedly attempted the break-into the home of a businessman, believed to be located along Vuci Road where they were arrested.

Fiji Police Force Chief Operations Officer (COO) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Khan said a tipoff was received by the Nausori Police Team around midnight in regards to four men acting suspiciously near the home of the businessman.

ACP Khan said all teams in the area including a team from Nakasi and the K9 Unit were alerted.

“Around 01.20am this morning, the suspects were intercepted before the execution of their planned job and they tried to escape from the scene,” said ACP Khan.

The four are in custody at the Nausori Police Station as investigations continue.

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