ANZAC Day: NZ’s Head of Mission Pays Tribute at Fiji’s Dawn Service

In the 108 years that have passed, the ANZAC spirit has endured, and while the unique bond of two nations sharing the same day of remembrance has created a spirit of unity and shared sacrifice, we also remember the nations with whom we have shared experience in war, NZ’s Head of Mission to Fiji Charlotte Darlow said during the ANZAC Day dawn service at the Suva Military cemetery this morning.

ANZAC Day services which include the laying of wreaths, speeches and a military ceremony, have been held across the world, where Aussies and Kiwis may be, including Fiji and across the Pacific, to commemorate the sacrifices of fallen Australian and New Zealand soldiers across the Trans-Tasman countries and abroad, who fought in the First World War, particularly those who participated in the landing at Anzac Cove on April 25, 1915.

Darlow, also spoke about the enduring spirit of the ANZACs and the special bond between Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. She highlighted the shared military history of the three nations, particularly during the Second World War when Fiji served as a hub of regional operations in the Pacific.

“While we remember today our ANZAC story, today is also a day to celebrate our shared connection points. Our military relationship with both Fiji and Australia continues to be underpinned by the enduring ties between our people, who not only continue to work side by side overseas for the cause of international peace and security but also closer to home in our own communities.

“Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, have all been there for each other in times of national tragedies and natural disasters. New Zealand is still dealing with the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle, and will be for some time yet, but the swift and unreserved support offered by both Fiji and Australia as the scale of the devastation became known, speaks to our shared values of manaaki – kindness or the reciprocity of goodwill; and of whanaunga – our connectedness or shared sense of humanity.

“As we take a moment to reflect this morning, it is in the knowledge that our pride in the personnel who have served our countries will remain undiminished. We will recall the supreme sacrifice they made and of our commitment to always remember them.”

Darlow also mentioned the three countries’ commitment to international rules and institutions, as well as their shared condemnation of Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine.

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Photo: NZHC

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