Yellow Ribbon Exhibition Showcases Rehab Through Art

The Fiji Corrections Service Yellow Ribbon Art Exhibition opened at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva this week, featuring works by inmate artists Anil Chand and Vishal Krishna.

Known for pencil sketching, they presented their works after three months of intense training.

Krishna, 48, shared that painting has helped him cope with prison life, and he is relying on his art for sustenance upon release at the age of 56. His first painting depicts fish jumping out of the water, inspired by memories of home and his love for fishing.

The exhibition, curated by Larry Thomas, Ben Fong, and Irami Buli, also showcased works by other artists like Filimoni Vetaukula, Isoa Codrokadroka, and Aisake Qiolele. The theme, “Matakavou,” symbolises a new dawn of understanding, with Minister for Justice Siromi Turaga emphasising that the artworks narrate inmates’ stories, struggles, and hopes.

Turaga highlighted the Yellow Ribbon Project’s significance, extending beyond prison walls for holistic rehabilitation, offering inmates a second chance in life.

Of their earnings, 60 percent is set aside to support artists upon release, ensuring financial security, while the remaining 40 percent funds painting materials.

The exhibition continues at the Tagimoucia Art Gallery at Walu Bay this week.

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