Years 8 to 13 to start Monday provided weather remains fine: Education

Classroom learning for students in years 8 to 13 will start next Monday, however parents and guardians are advised that this may change if weather patterns turn for the worse, Fiji’s Ministry of Education confirms.

The directive comes as Fiji is still in the midst of the 2021/22 cyclone season during which the country is projected to experience up to three cyclones, with one anticipated to develop into a severe tropical cyclone. The cyclone season ends April and to date, Fiji has experienced one being Tropical Cyclone Cody that impacted the country last week, forcing schools to close a week after classroom learning resumed on 4 January.

All schools except Maramarua District School which still houses villagers of Nabavatu village in Dreketi, Vanua Levu have been cleared for learning. The school will open once it has been cleared, the ministry stated in a statement today.

“The Ministry has been informed that the weather is clearing and that we should expect fine weather. However, as we are still in the midst of the cyclone season, precautions must be taken as the weather could take a turn for the worse at any time,” the ministry stated.

As students return to school, the ministry urges parents, guardians, teachers, heads of schools, and community members to do their part in keeping students safe as they resume school.

Parents of students with underlying conditions are strongly advised to obtain a medical report from their doctor and share it with the Head of School.

“If children are unwell, please keep them home until they have recovered.”

Reopening dates for the rest of the levels will be announced at a later date, the ministry stated.

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