Woman Gets 6-Month Prison Term for Vengeful Vehicle Ownership Forgery

A woman who submitted forged documents to the Land Transport Authority, enabling the unauthorised transfer of vehicle ownership from her former partner and resulting in the suspension of three LTA officers, has been sentenced by the anti-corruption court in Suva.

According to court records, Sheenal Devi’s actions were driven by vengeance due to the breakdown of her relationship, as she deliberately submitted a fraudulent ownership transfer application on May 11, 2020, in Sigatoka, securing illegitimate ownership of the vehicle.

She was handed a 36-month prison sentence, of which she will spend six months in prison, with the remaining term suspended for five years under the condition that she does not re-offend during the suspension period.

In determining the final sentence, Suva Anti-Corruption Court Judge Justice Dr. T. Kumarage considered the background and impact of her actions. He noted that had used a forged document to transfer a vehicle registered under her former partner’s name as an act of revenge following their relationship’s breakdown. Although there was not a clear financial advantage gained from her actions, her conduct had negative repercussions, leading to the suspension of several LTA workers who were involved in facilitating the transaction.

The court initially set her sentence at three years, which was extended to four due to the premeditation involved. However, considering her circumstances, such as being an only child responsible for aging parents and a sick father, the term was ultimately reduced to three years (36 months).

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