We will sue everybody says lawyer for Fiji football ref in rubbish saga

Suspended Fiji Football Association Referees Director Rakesh Varman’s solicitor is threatening those commenting online against his client, that they will take each and everyone to court.

Nausori Lawyer Jitendra Reddy says he was engaged on Friday evening by the couple after the video of Varman forced to pick up rubbish on a beachside went viral.

“We are going to file defamation claims against everybody that are making adverse comments or are prejudging the situation, yes we will be taking civil action against each and every one,” said Reddy.

When asked if this will be possible considering thousands of people have made comments against the alleged actions of Varman he said they will identify each and every one, with the help of Fiji Police Cyber Crime Unit.

“Everybody in this country wants to become lawyers, Judges and prosecutors, let this man live in peace.” said Reddy.

According to Reddy his clients have instructed that they were held at knife point at a beach in the coral coast and were made to pick up rubbish which they didn’t throw.

Reddy says Mr and Mrs Varman were taking a break on their way to Suva after officiating a local tournament at Lawaqa Park in Sigatoka, when the man appeared and forced them to pick up the rubbish.

In the video – one can hear the man admonishing Varman.

“Why you throw it on the sea! You can just put it there, then we can burn it,” the man says.

At one point Varman says: “Yeah, you know what happened I wanted to, I never knew diaper here man.”

Varman is also heard saying sorry to the man – who dismisses the apology and tells him to hurry up.

The man videos Varman’s stuck car in the sand – stating Varman tried to escape but his car got stuck. Varman asks the man to help’him.

Towards the end of the video Varman is heard telling the man “I know I made a mistake” while trying to hand the man some money.

The man says no to the money to which Varman says: “I made a mistake.”

The man tells Varman not to touch him as he tries to hand over the money.

Varman’s lawyer Jitendra Reddy is the Fiji FA vice president.  With the Association launching an investigation against Varman, Reddy has indicated he will recuse himself once a proper investigation begins.

“Since I am a board member of the FFA and if the board is investigating the matter and I will have to step down as his lawyer.  My allegiance will be with the Fiji Football association,” said Reddy.

Reddy also stated the couple are under pressure after they were inundated with calls and messages from the public.

The Fiji Football Association suspended Varman on Friday night, after the video circulating online caught him dumping rubbish on a beach.

The 4 minutes 25 seconds clip shows the 53-year-old Varman picking up rubbish, which included diapers, kitchen litter, baby milk formula tins to name a few.

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