We Will Honour Existing Deals: Fiji PM To Farmers and Tenants

All existing titles, leases and contracts will be honoured by the Peoples Coalition government.

This assurance was given by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka today saying that farmers and tenants need not worry.

Rabuka said false information about the issue has been shared widely and needs to stop.

“I have been informed that some irresponsible individuals are spreading malicious and false information in the community, and on social media in relation to existing titles, leases and contracts in relation to state land.”

“As Prime Minister, I want to state categorically and for the record, that such rumours are false. I want to assure tenants on these parcels of land, do not panic, do not allow these rumour-mongers to stop you from cultivating your farm, making a new investment or extending your existing investment.”

“The State will honour all existing titles and will honour its lease agreement with you, full stop.”

Rabuka added that decisions on lease renewals will only be carried out after extensive consultations by due process of the law.

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