Voters advised to check Fiji 2022 election provisional voter list

The Fijian Elections Office began displaying the provisional voter list for the 2022 General Election in urban areas over the weekend, allowing voters a chance to check their details and make changes, if need be, while there is still time.

The FEO will carry out the same exercise over 30 venues this weekend, and voters who have not already done so are encouraged to do so to affirm the venues that they have been assigned to.

Interested voters would also be able to confirm whether they are on the voter list, Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said.

“While the Blue colored VoterCard actually states the exact Polling Venue a person will be voting in during the election, our Provisional Voter List display in urban centers will allow interested voters to confirm that they are on the Voter List,” Mr. Saneem said.

In Fiji, a person can only vote where they are listed to vote. 

“Voters will not be able to vote elsewhere when the election is held. They cannot amend their registered address vis-a-vis their registered Polling Venues after the Writ is issued. Hence the need for them to do so now. We have also set up voter registration teams at each of these venues so that the services are provided seamlessly.”

FEO will have teams located in various hotspot areas from now until elections to assist voters with the exercise.

Three rounds of such verification were carried out in the rural areas, the islands, and the highlands as well.

Source: FEO

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